Hello from Art Unraveled

I wanted to pop in and say hello

and share a few tidbits of the experience thus far

along with my slightly whackadoodle take

on how to totally enjoy a week in a hotel

embellished with my own personal observations.

I know....you are on the edge of your seat, right?!

Bear with me here as I am on my trusty, old iBook G4

and it is totally different working on my blog without the

'Windows application'

O.k. so first there was the prep at home
AKA: indulging the bratcat.

At two and counting (in human years) P.I.A. still prefers the water from the faucet

regardless of the fact that I give her only bottled (distilled) water

If I won't drink the water from the faucet (unless out and about) I don't want her to....however,

despite my scolding... up on the sink she will go

to beg for the faucet. Since I would be away for a week, Mr. J. would TOTALLY induldge her.

He is a softy, this man who claims to not like cats.

My solution a few (many) dollars later: Her own, power run, water fountain that holds more than a gallon of

the 'mother preferred' distilled water.

She approaches..........cautiously.....intrigued.


Within moments she is not only lapping it up as it flows,

but sticks her paw in and brings it up to her face.

O.K. so after boxing and bagging up everything (almost) I would need to be totally comfortable away from home
I head out in the triple digit heat. EEEEKKKKKKK......other than a good price on the room, wouldn't it be lovely to
have this converging of art souls when it's absolutely stunning here??? But I don't want to get started on THAT subject.
(Side note: it's been truly an amazing summer without much humidity producing rain. Double edged sword, I'm afraid.

Here is the view from my balcony of the stunning green of the...well, green.

Look familiar? It should.

Crazy factoid #1. I requested the exact same room as last year.
Part of that 'creature of habit' thing.

First luncheon of the visit finds me in a total blissed out state of mind.

There is no crazy, desk-job-drama or accompanying mind numbing chatter about the most insignificant things.
So for me this silence and beauty all around is something HUGE to be grateful for.

I sit quietly with a book, and a great glass of Republic of Tea- iced tea
and another view of the same green. (notice lovely bag made by the most talented and lovely of souls - d.j. pettitt)

Now for the absolutely best decision....of all time.

I packed this bad boy up and all the supplies necessary. As amazing a machine as this is...it's incredibly lightweight.

This is how stunning my lattes turn out after frothing the milk

then using the machine's steaming nozzle to heat it to almost scalding...

followed by the rich double shot of illy espresso and sugar free vanilla syrup.

YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS it is so worth the extra tiny effort to bring him here.

This seems like way too much to read for this post, so I will go ahead and enter it in and promise to be back. I am having real issues with my camera on this MAC since I don't have the picassa program on it...again, a windows based issue, but it leaves me lacking in ability to share the many photos I've taken. Especially of the art dolls in Lisa's class. I may have to wait until I settle in back home.

I have met some truly lovely and talented people here this year and had great conversation and laughs with Joanne (who I cannot link at the moment..AGAIN a windows based ability I guess...uuurrrgggghhhhhh.) down in the lounge and in class. We discovered we will both be in Katie's class tomorrow, so I'm sure there will be more great fun.

Until then my dears ~ I am off on a 'date' with Mr. J. who will swoop in and gather me up to head out to dine away from the hotel tonight. It's all good.

Oh.....and I'm STILL working on this number in my moleskin. I KNOW!! I started this last year. sigh.

xox Rella


Joanne Huffman said...

I'm happy to have made it to your blog. It was fun chatting with you in the lobby. By the way, I have the same problems adjusting to a PC that you seem to be having with your Mac (I absolutely LOVE my Mac notebook).


Sharon said...

Oh there you are having fun. As usually a Sunday night date with Mr. J.
You are going to love Katie, tell her I said Hi.
Your Kitty is so spoiled.

La Dolce Vita said...

great post! my doxies LOVE their waterfountain too! they are not spoiled, just well loved! love your blog! thanks for the smiles!

suze said...

I must get one of those for my faucet kitty. She loves running water!

Judy Keefe said...

Aww Rella! first..loooove the kitty and waterfountain!!
You are doing some amazing art in your Moleskin!

I was hoping you would accept a little award from me..when you get a chance, stop by my blog and you can see what it's about. Have great fun! and..God keep you safe.