He said "What a beautiful gift!"

With twinkly eyes and profound sincerity,
Those are the words spoken by my Mr. J.

after I hum the song that I woke up with that morning.

"I don't know the title of it, or who sang it" (I say)...

and I speak the words I THINK might be the lyrics

"I wish you love"......or maybe "flowers in the Spring"

(even now as I type the melody floats beautifully through my head)

So I (try to) hum the tune to him ...and he smiles and tries to name the tune

and the one who may have sung it....
"maybe Bette Midler" (he says)

"YES!!, or even someone before her" (I say)...

And this is a typical evening
(or shall I say the 20 to 40 minutes)
we have together

after his 12 to 16 hours at the cafe
and my 9 to 10 hours at that crazy desk of drama.

and I am grateful.....

for this small piece of time that is so rich...

for someone who always points out the positive and fun..

who would never say

"that's the craziest thing I've heard!"
accompanied by 'that look'

even when I first announced a while back
that I wake up with a song playing in my head more often than not
(like: Maniac from Flashdance that I laughingly called 'Splashdance')

Who smiles, instead, and proclaims,

"What a beautiful gift!"

So as I think on it two days later

after hearing some devastating news that my dearest friend is enduring

and thinking on the trials so many people are going through right now


and I wish I could send a little magic
even for a moment
to everyone of them

maybe a little 'morning song'

that maybe ends something like:

"but most of all, I wish you love."


I have now found several versions of this 'morning song'
The original is French from Charles Trenet
"que rest-t-til de nos amours" I believe from the 50's
Here Natalie Cole sings it

however, I did not seem to have the 'intro' in MY version
apparently MY brain only started with the music
attached to...
"I wish you bluebirds in the Spring"
I like that I had a filter on to begin with the happier verses.

More currently, Rachael Yamagata does the song quite nicely

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Anonymous said...

A little magic, a little love, a little hope.........those are beautiful things and I want to send those wishes out to others and then gather them up for myself. Thanks for thinking of me and being a pillar of strength when mine is wavering. I wish you love, too........
Audra Mae