What I have been up to
Aside from the Monday to Friday
8ish to 5ish
I am still doing my best
to make time to customize
On my work table for ages and ages
were two Nostalgic Pop Blythes
waiting to be transformed.
One was for a dear friend
and the other for me.
There are others waiting as well
one for my daughter....
another girl with curly red hair
freckles and green eyes
that will remind me of my DIL
Then there are those that have no
particular plan
they are just waiting.
So back to the twins.
Customs #3 & #4
Maddie & Marin
I sanded and carved
and sanded  and carved
and sanded some more.
I don't keep track of the time it takes
because it's an endeavor of joy.
Then came the stages of coloring
there are many of these....
layers of color and finishing spray
 too many to count
until finally I feel satisfied.
Then the eye mechanisms
go back in
after new eye chips are put in
Both girls wear eye chips that I
painted, as well as chips
from other artisans
and my favorite blue stock eye chip.
The ones below.
Here they 'see' each other for the first time

Marin on the left, Maddie on the right

The head is reunited with the changed out body
and the hair....

the pull charms are placed
and the fun of dressing begins.

Maddie - getting ready to head home
I took many shots of the girls
and apart.

Marin who will stay with me

 And they know they will always be connected..
...invisible heart strings.

because they were created together
Maddie for someone so special
Marin to stay with me
Dolly friends
Best friends


Snow Angel
I was recently asked which photo of Snow was my all time favorite.
  And I thought about that for a few days........
the retrospect was truthfully about which photo MEANT the most to me, 
since there are many of Snow that I truly love.  
She is just photogenic if you can say that about a doll I guess. 
 But there has always been something quite special to me about this girl.

So after thinking on the question for a while,
 and looking through my set of Snow on Flickr.
THIS one was the clear choice for me. 
Taken before this past Christmas. 

 My vision of this photo took place many months 
before it came to fruition. 
 I knew for sure she would wear the white wraith dress.......
but finding the perfect wings took searching and time.

Once found, it was clear sailing
 but waiting on the perfect day/lighting was next.  
I don't use flash and I typically have to shoot indoors. 
 There were many 'takes' ..........I gave up counting.
and then...

Her pose was just right...
as if gliding gracefully on the clouds. 
 The picture of serenity and peace........
love and compassion.  .......
 it felt perfect.  

This became my Christmas card
 as well as a stock of postcards 
and note cards for my shop 
(which I neglect to put there)
 It became the month of December 
in a 2013 calendar for a dear friend
as well as a 16X20 canvas for my home..

and a photograph book,
20 pages of additional
favorite photos
some including Snow & Musette
and Snow & Rainah
in a sweet 8x8 format
Glossy cover

I have decided to offer a very limited number of the book

Snow Days

 at the shop

10 to be exact
 copy #1 is wrapped
and ready to go
the remaining 9 are pre-order only

All are numbered and signed.

Each will include three cards
professionally printed
of my photographs of Snow

one of which will be the beloved
'Snow Angel' 

Snow Angel Card

Also professionally printed
soft gloss card
4 1/4" X 5 1/2"

Wrapped carefully
and shipped priority mail.

Shortly I will add some cards
to the shop
photographs I took myself
all professionally printed

I'm also working on a few custom Blythes
and that is what occupies my time lately
when I am not at the office.

........along with taking care of my sweet Luli

A teeny, tiny, ball jointed doll
named Tia
joined us here at Faerieluna
several months ago.

She is a Dream High Studio doll
(named Frezia)
only 2 3/4" tall
and this is how she looked out of the box

I loved her tiny size
and her pale skin tone
but I did not like the black bug eyes
or her cap
or even her wings, really.
 Snow felt the same way.

But I knew she was going to morph 
into something quite darling
with just a little help

I removed some of her blue tint
and gave her a bit of pink blushing 
made new eyes for her
and tiny mohair wig
The last step was to fashion a frock
something wispy and etheral

So here she is
with her new look
Snow introduces her to Cadence
however, Cadence is not as fond of little ones
as Snow is
I love the little defiant look
on Tia's face
It's as if she is saying

click to enlarge to see her expression

Musette and Tia are best of friends.

Perhaps it's because they are both so small
or maybe 
they just come from the same
faerie world...

where skin is alabaster..
and hair is gossamer white...
and you sleep in beds
fashioned from moss and twigs
and acorns
and lay under a delicate blanket of cobweb....

below branches heavy with dew drops.