Another year begins

Where did 2014 go?
We all pretty much think and say that
every year, right?
And as the New Year begins,
I always, always, promise myself
to play closer attention
to make each day/moment matter
to love as big as I possibly can
to truly make joy my compass
and the lists I make are endless.
partly because I just love making lists
and partly because if I actually write it
there is a chance it will seep into my core
and become a reality.
That is my thought, anyhow.
What I DO know is that my word
for this year
If it could be longer than one word
(and it CAN be since I am making the statement to myself)
it would more likely be:
Return to your joy of creating.
I had set my papers, paints, stamps,
brushes, etc.
aside for several years....
and the only creative outlet was photographing
my Blythe girls
My current Blythe family
My third attempt at customizing

A Petite Wanderling Custom - a dream come true

and my tiny mouse

with an occasional capture of Luli,

the 4lb wonder that rules the house.

Aside from that it was work, work, work an hour's commute each way
compared to the 10 minute commute
 of 8 years...

which led to the necessity of purchasing this
2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid

and only the basic household chores
and that's about it.

But I have had the longing
to play with paints
and stamps
and paper

on canvas...

or make paper dolls

and art cards

....all the things I love doing.
Things that bring me such fulfillment
and a certain peace

So that is my promise to myself
to return to something I love


The season of longing
for home....
and the twirling, whirling dance of leaves
....the earthy, nutty smell of the woods.
Long, winding drives over hills and through quaint towns
where each house has a different character...
and a story.
Pies baking and plaid flannel shirts donned.
How I miss.........all this........
and more.
A sorrowful goodbye
A month ago we put our girl to rest.
I will simply say that there were
complications after surgery to remove
a nasty bladder stone.
I have never tried so hard to turn the
course in all my days.
This gentle gaze I captured
on her last full day with us
after telling her I was so sorry
still breaks my heart.
She was a rascally kitten
born of feral parents
Rather aloof
never purred
did not like to be petted...
destroyed computer
and phone cords...
but I loved her.
On the day before her last
I set her favorite toy
since she was a kitten
in front of her...
and she just stared at it
as if remembering better days.
We buried her wrapped in a blanket
with her piggy.