a little sketch

We are heading away from the drama at the desk
yes, glorious time away.

My paints and pencils and paper
are being gathered to pack

a few bits of clothing, nothing fancy required (thank goodness)




all the things that make a home-away-from-home


because it's that time again.

Art Unraveled

A week to be in the thick of it all that is creative

I promise to take some fun photos

and share a few thoughts

since I will bring my little mac with me

If I don't see you there......

well, I will see you back here.

xox rEllA


Anonymous said...

Dearest Cindy Rella: Have the most wonderful, creative time at AU. Please remember that I will miss being with you SO Very Much!!! Breathe deeply, fill up your heart and soul with creativity and forget all about the "Drama at the Desk".
I am sending you soul humming, beautiful positive energy to take with you.
Love always, hugzzzzzzz and kissezzzz,

Melinda said...

oh I LOVE the sketch! Beautiful!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Oh, Lynnie girl...you will be sorely missed this year. I will keep you informed of the happenings you can be sure of that.
Much love to you xoxox

Sharon said...

Oh my friend Rella, you are so lucky to get away from that drama at the desk stuff. I'll be anxious to see what you do this year at AU. I enjoyed hearing from you today. I'm better.

suze said...

This is on my to-do list! Maybe next year.