I know, this is a bit of a fractured intro to a post

but when your last post was a week ago...........

well, there are a few things to discuss.

(click to make larger to see the main character of this photo)

Number one: The heat last week was outrageous and it began over last weekend
my fried looking thermometer on the outside of my kitchen window shouted 110 in the shade

ttsssssssssttttttttttttt the sound of water hitting anything outside and instantly evaporating

With little rain finding it's way to this little portion of the desert, even the cactus wrens are struggling.

This little guy is a daily, inquisitive visitor outside my window at work.

hopping around...looking in the window
(my floor is actually several feet underground, so this window is chest high) looking under rocks...looking for trouble. Usually.

This Monday he was truly suffering heat exhaustion.

Cleverly, he pushed the rocks around
and nestled down into the sand.

Beak open and feathers slightly spread out, he stayed as cool as possible.

Barely moving.

We went out and poured some water onto the rocks in several places and left a bowl of water in the corner.

Back he came and actually fought off other birds to lay in the wet sand.

Number three: Cloud watching begins late afternoon
and on the way home there is always something HUGE to capture.

This beautiful cluster grew larger and later that night
let us have a bit of rain

(I think Phoenix central had hours of rain.)

and stunning lightening show

and a ton of thunder.

.........which always leads to the cat hiding all night in fear.

Number four: My fortune from dinner this week. Hmmmmm.
(I've been encouraged to write for many years now and my response is
usually, who in the world would want to read MY ramblings)

I save them all and have amassed quite a collection over the years.

The saving of these bits of 'wisdom' began back in the mid 90's
when I opened a cookie that said I was heading to a land of sunshine.

It made me giggle at the time as I was living in Connecticut
without any thought of leaving


living in Arizona.

I guess you just never know.

Number five: I am excited to share a new product I discovered (although it may be quite old) while shopping at Michaels for art products.

I was thinking of a latte stain I had on my beloved, Eileen West, white cotton lawn nightgown. My morning, try to wake up- ritual of latte in bed got crazy one morning and, well, thus the stain.

So when I came upon this product hanging on one of those aisle endcaps,

I thought "why not?"

Today I am happy to report that it truly works!!!!

I think $4.99 is a small price to pay for this amazing product.

Now, before you ask about the faerie that is presenting this miracle solution,

No, I did not make her. She is a new Patience Brewster piece called Green Fairy of Hope
(approx. 6")
that we offer at the cafe.

In fact, we have several of the new 'ornaments' and many of her adorable cards at the cafe now. I just love her sense of whimsy.

If you are interested in acquiring one of these faeries, give me a shout.

I think there are a few left. The workmanship is amazing and they are a limited edition
created to help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of her beloved son she lost to the awful disease.

Watch her video here in the process of making an ornament. Yikes.

Oh, they are $38 plus shipping which I usually arrange through USPS at $4.95 I believe.

Be well and stay happy my dear, bloggie friends.

Until next time

xox rEllA

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Sharon said...

Hello my friend, I enjoyed all that news. The poor birdies. It is how like that here. Just a little ago there were 4 chickadees on the bird bath and the painted bunting was waiting in line.