In January of 07 I wrote a post....a memory of letting one of my birds go

The title - Empty Nest - Full Heart

A dear friend who was saying goodbye to her little chick
was struggling so I altered a card with a little wooden bird in a nest.

Very faintly on the twigs of the nest you can see the words

'Empty Nest - Full Heart'

I did not want to write of her particular struggle as it was hers and personal to her.

Instead of wrote of a very vivid memory of my own as a Mother saying goodbye to my oldest.

I know there are many now who are preparing for the goodbye as the child - the heart of our heart -
goes off to college for the first time.

In a few weeks, when you have gathered yourself and your world doesn't seem so out of sorts.....
find the piece as it will speak to you and remind you that you will be o.k. and it's all going as planned.

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And a special note to C.
Wait a few weeks. Your heart will be lighter then.

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Lisa Gallup said...

Thank you for posting this. My firstborn moves out next week. He's just going a few miles away as he starts his sophomore year in college, but he's moving into the dorms and out of our house. It's a bittersweet time, yet this is what I've spent the past 19 years preparing him for.