What fun.....

I have a few photos to share,
but found that I didn't take many
and that happened last year as well.

I think I get so lost in the process of each day's class that there is little room for much else.

There were so many wonderful people to chat with and see for the first time.

The blog world opens so many doors and it's just amazing when you finally get to say hello in person
and experience that person's spirit.

I am trying to put together a nice little post with what few photos I have

and share my experiences.

I want to do it justice.

But for now I am back to the crazy desk job
and in a moment of boredom yesterday

......or perhaps a missing of the fabulousness of being
surrounded by like-minded art souls

I quickly sketched out this bored faerie.

When everyone around me here seems odd or just gossiping about unimportant things

I will say to the one co-worker that is just a lovely soul

"I think I am from the planet Zem..............
where everyone respects each other

and listens with intent when you are in conversation

and honors the good in the next person.........

and quite frankly, I want to go back there. I don't belong here."

We laugh.........

we agree..........

.and once in a while when things are truly, over-the-top crazy I will look at her and just shake my head

and give her a mournful look and say


with a sigh.


Sharon said...

I want to go with you to Zem. Sounds like a wonderful place. But I'll anxiously await your story first about you fun retreat. I saw you on dj's cute

Beth Quinn said...

hi rella !!!! thanks so much for stopping by my blog !!! it was a joy sitting with you and lyn and talking so glad i got to meet you !!!
can't wait to see you in september!!

Piper said...

Oh how I can relate to the craziness of the desk job and the desire to escape to Zem! Your bored faerie is perfect!


aN aLteReD fAirY taLe said...

My sweet fairy sister, it was such a pleasure to meet you face to face. You are such a beautiful Spirit and I am grateful to know you. Have a beautiful day! Joanna

theresa martin said...

Zem! back at ya Rella! I love the drawing of the bored faerie.

Judy Wise said...

I felt like I was in Zem the entire time at Art Unraveled. It was so sweet ...