O.K. so here's the scoop on my week at Art Unraveled.

First of all it was held at the Embassy Suites in Phoenix.
Not downtown Phoenix, thankfully,
but in the Paradise Valley area
close to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Micheal's.

All an easy drive with a feeling of safety.
Just a nice area.

From my wonderful room I could watch the little golf carts whizzing around and the beautiful green, green......green.
You can't see the mountain range to the left from this photo.......
but that is where I live.

On the other side of the range, about 35 minutes East.

How wonderful to just pack up the car and drive such a short distance.
It was hot................boy was it ever.

And the monsoons, of course, add the extra element of uncomfortableness outside
and in several of the classrooms.
The staff there worked hard to keep us all comfortable.

I was also very grateful for the free internet access that Linda arranged for us all to have.

I only grabbed my laptop at the last minute
and it was so nice to check on things while away....family, friends, bank account, etc.

The room rate was very reasonable
and included a gorgeous breakfast buffet with an omelet station
where I ordered egg white omelets almost every morning.

There was beautiful fresh fruit and yogurt so those of us watching what we ate were more than accommodated.

The dining room was cheerful and bright overlooking the golf course.

Since this WAS my vacation this year.......it was truly a lovely experience.

Rooms were even filled with nice prints of what I would certainly call Mixed Media Art.

Now to the nitty gritty.

My first class was with Jill Berry,
A great presence and exuberant teacher.

She warned us she would push us hard, and push she did.
It was all fabulous.

We learned about using sumi ink......how beautiful this ink is!

We used a gorgeous Arches text weight paper that was so wonderful to work with.

She showed us several resists and how to really understand color.

We each came away with about 8 different pieces of beautiful paper
that we can use in so many ways.

I already used a tiny piece of one of my papers
in a project on the Paper Whimsy art group.

The bodice of this faerie gown is that luscious paper
which has sumi ink and a walnut ink wash

I highly recommend taking a class with her if you can.

Visit her website and you will see for yourself how talented she is.

O.K. my dears

That is installment #1

I will be back with Tuesday's watercolor class
Wednesday's D.J. Pettitt's class
Thursday & Friday's class with D.J. Pettitt class.

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Sharon said...

Thank you thank you. That faerie dress is scrumptious. The paper on the bodice is beautiful. Waiting for more.