On Tuesday, my class was with
Barbara Roth

(I can't seem to link her site for some reason...but please do google her.)

The class was entitled: How To Watercolor Paint Anytime, Anywhere

For this class our supply list was looooooong and expensive

including the search for a box that opened, with a carrying handle
and was at least 3" deep

and at least 12 1/2 x 9 3/4.

That took some doing!!

but finally I found one online at Cheap Joes for a little less than $30.

We were also instructed to bring a piece of balsa wood 1/4" X 1" X 36" that would be cut to
fit inside the box
in a way that would work for us to hold a water container..brushes..paints, etc.

My box already had some removable wooden dividers,
but I may totally rearrange that in the future.

No one in class really did cut their pieces of wood,
and it wasn't really demonstrated, but was explained...and we were all pretty bright individuals who could certainly figure it out.......

so I am guessing everyone packed that awkward piece of balsa
and brought it back home with them.

Barbara is a gentle soul and a very talented watercolorists.
In visiting her blog you can see how lovely her work is.

She eagerly and gracefully answered any question we had.

She gave us quite a few tips on color mixing and we had a hand out with some of her sketches to trace and watercolor and you can see my pale approach.
Clearly not my best work

with a few notations of color and color combos.

Since Monday's class with Jill Berry was so filled and downright exhausting for this gal,

I was relieved that this watercolor class was laid back
and there were no expectations.

That is both the good and the bad news some would say.

Home I came with the box.......which I probably didn't need when it was all said and done. I barely used my paints, but will certainly be using them in the very near future.

I met some lovely people in class and that is always a gift.

So, here is my box that I will have fun embellishing
one of these days as it SCREAMS to have some personality..........

and you can see that I put it to use in bringing things home from AU. And I do so love boxes and, it's all good.


Tricia said...

i would have loved to have been at that class with you. olivia and ihave been playing with our watercolors but there is so much still to learn. :)
the box is super nice....i can see you doing some collaging and painting on it!


suze said...

Rella, you lucky girl. Glad to hear you are having a good time. Thanks for your comment and thanks for introducing me to the Stampotique girls...I just love them!

Maija said...

Embellish away dear girl! I want to see what you do with it!

Betzie said...

Hope you had fun with your box Rella! I love boxes too! Always fun to learn something new.