Almost a year ago my little bird went on an herself.

I love her independant spirit and know that a small part of it was passed down from this proud Mama bird.

But only a small part.... as she was determined and brave from birth.

I always took a deep breath as she went out on her own. The world is not always a loving place for a young woman out alone...but I did so want them all to fly freely despite my often overwhelming fear I would lose them..that someone would hurt them.

This is one of my favortie photos of her. It has taken me this long to figure out how to work my mac and the photos loaded there and bring them here to the blog. This is also my screensaver.

My middle chick. The one I always called My Little Bird. Sometimes in French.
A beautiful, serene moment that I have also experienced at the Grand Canyon.

All by herself, and loving it.

Well, I have arrived at the Embassy Suites in Phoenix for Art Unraveled. I am thankful that I did not have to board a plane
with the many bags I packed for this week of adventure.

The heat is a bit oppressive, but the airconditioning in the room is divine.
It is blissful to have art supplies around me and I have begun to take some photos to share with you.

Have a good night and I will be back in a bit.

xo Rella


Sharon said...

I'm going to be thinking about how much fun you are having. Soak it all up.

aN aLteReD fAirY taLe said...

Hello Sweet Fairy, just wanted to say I was thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday! Yeah-I cannot wait! xox

CathWren said...

Oh Rella, in one week I will be sending my youngest off to Tech. It is so hard to let go, and though we have prepared them for this moment their entire lives, it is still so difficult to trust that they will be safe and to let go . . .

I can't wait to hear about your adventure!

Secondhandrose said...

I am learning to let mine fly and be free. Sometimes I want to go too. And sometimes I sit and wait for them to circle back. I am the momma bird after all. And sometimes my heart sings and sometimes it breaks. Come for a visit.

Maija said...

That is so beautiful, Rella!