Paper Whimsy art group needed a replacement for the 2009 Calendar, month of June
and while I don't really enjoy working with the horizontal - 8x10 format
I was able to come up with a piece
using a required Paper Whimsy image.

Off she went in the mail this week and I can happily check one more project off my little list.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the process
and jumping in to fill the void for the gals

they are a wonderful bunch
and it tickles me to be part of such a great forum.

Now the task of gathering the supplies for each of my classes
and checking off the huge list

I love lining up the bottles of paint.
It just reminds me of the box of crayons the first day of school.

Of course, I didn't have to write my name on each crayon
like I do the paints
that may get lost in the shuffle
of sharing that often goes on in class

It's inevitable that we will forget something necessary .....

but I DO want to come back home with all that I brought.

Once the art supplies are gathered,
it's time to accumulate other necessities

On that list are these
Must Haves

a bit of detergent that can do a bit of clean up if necessary
back in my room

a bit of fabric softener as my delicates will need hand washing

and last
but NOT least by a long shot
Yess sireebob

I will not use the bathtub without my own washing first.
Yuk.....no way.

Now I know it's
a poison
I barely breath while pouring
and I do my best not to ever touch it.
But I do not feel good unless I know every bacteria is
washed away in that tub.
(so please don't write to me about the dangers of chlorine)
Now, it's August......

it's Arizona........

the temperature is in the triple digits.....

I have no idea how cool the classrooms will be
and a gal can just get the vapors

(you must talk slowly and pronounce it like this : VAAPAS)

as they would in Georgia.......
(that would be JOOR
JA thank you very much!)

No, I am not from the South, but it sounds lady like.
And when Lynnie and I get together
(she arrives on Tuesday to begin the adventure)

we often become southern belles in our conversation together.

I have no idea how that even started,
but it's a hoot.....

In fact, the very first year she flew in to visit me
we pretty near fell off
(o.k. - we DID fall off)

the Papason Bamboo Chairs we were laughing so hard.

Most college kids at the time and maybe still......
know that round bowl shaped chair to which I refer.

Well, that's pretty much how live.
Like some Bohemian, collage kid with very little furniture
or luxuries

Or even much of a wardrobe.

EXCEPT....I am faaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from that age group.

But I have just about every art supply you ever could imagine..
yes I do.

I am quite excited to also be meeting this wonderful Faeriefriend.

She lives here in Arizona, also
will be in my Wednesday's Fabric Collage & Book class
with D.J. Pettit
supermondo excited to be taking three days
of classes with D.J.

and I am so looking forward to it.

Also on the list of peeps to catch up with is this darling gal....
also here in AZ..........
and gosh, there are many more
but my head is just abuzz with the thoughts of it
and I can't even make a list of names to share.

So that's it chickadees........
I've been soaking my feet while writing to you all
as I need to smooth them up and paint on my toenails.

Maybe I'll do each toe a different color
It's a perfect week to do that.

All the while shooshing Ms. Pia (AKA Morgan) away
as she wants to drink the salt water
crazy cat

I can check that off the list now, too.

I love lists
I don't always follow them
but I love to make them.

I will be back next Sunday.

Be good while I'm away.

And I hope to have lots to share with you when I return.


suze said...

You lucky girl! I would love to take classes with DJ Pettit. I am also a list maker. I have to or I will forget.
Have a great time!

Lisa Gallup said...

I hope you have a STUPENDOUS time at AU!! I'm soooo jealous!! Love your calendar page - I have my 2008 PW calendar from last year here by my computer. :):)