In 2003, while a close friend was doing battle with cancer (one that she overcame!) I created this ATC with the full intention of sending it off to her, however, I was stopped each and every time by that small voice. I would shake my head in wonder, but I listened.

Now, this many years later after looking at the ATC many, many times, the quiet prompting to send this on to another soul doing battle makes me smile. And with that I am also led to share it here first, not attached to any name. Just share it, both the front and the back. I am just believing that someone else needs to be encouraged or comforted. One day at a time. No matter what we battle, no matter what our worries, these five small words remind us that nothing beyond THIS day are worth expending energy over. THIS is the day that counts. THESE are the words that have helped me during times of challenge.

I hope this helps you.


Lisa Gallup said...

Ooooooh! You have noooo idea how much I needed to see this!! I just got back from a weekend with my mom who is in the final stages of pancreatic cancer. It's so dang hard, but there is soooo much that cancer CAN'T take from us!! Thank you for posting this!! (((hugs))) ~Lisa

miss*R said...

something happened in my life today - that broke my heart and this card is just what I need... not cancer related but the picture is perfect for me today. thankyou Rella xoxo

Joan Ellis said...

Thank you, Rella, for this perfect reminder of how truly powerless cancer can be. These words lifted my heart and gave me a new perspective.

Dianne said...

This atc was ment for more then one person, so it was perfect for you to post it. Great words to live by, and I see it already help others Well done my dear...

tina's space said...

SO powerful!!!! If only we could remember this when one is going through a dark time. It really does help to take one day at a time when all around you is crashing!!

deb said...

WOW this is so moving.
I lost a young cousin to bowel cancer almost a year ago and since then life has been a bit of an uphill battle, but as a family we are getting there. The sentiment is so right, and although he is not with us any longer the cancer cannot take away the memories we have of him, so thankyou for sharing this piece xxx

smilnsigh said...

I came here, from one blog to another to another. The way one surfs around, in blog land. Well, in what I call "My Pretty Blog Land." And I found yours.

And have read and read and read. Yes, it was enjoyable. But when I reached this entry, I knew why my Synchrinosity led me here.

Our daughter is fighting breast cancer. Just began, in fact. She's not yet 50, with a husband and teen age daughter. Needless to say, our whole family is in quiet turmoil. We all need these words. Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing them.

And btw, I've not shared this sadness, on my blog. I try to keep my blog, as a mostly happy retreat, on the Net. Just my choice. :-)

I say this, since you might wander by my blog, and wonder why there is no mention of our family pain, in there. Just my way. :-)

Again, thank you.