Monday nights are the hardest for me to quiet my mind and go to sleep. I get through Sunday night with a particular routine, but Mondays....Monday, Monday. I'm learning not to fight it so much and just go with it as best I can. Blogging, reading, sometimes putting the finishing touches on an art bit or piece of mail. Tonight is no exception as as I watch the minute hand creep closer to midnight I notice Petra...sitting and waiting to listen. In the short time she has been here she has taken to visiting my heart-rock collection over and over again. Her somber little face seems less pensive to me lately. Perhaps I have simply grown accustomed to her soulful, watching eyes. Either way, SHE is the one awake with me tonight, a precious porcelain heart clutched tightly in her arms as the clock moves closer to that magic hour...quietly listening.

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Anonymous said...

She is absolutely divine and i love the heart she is holding....beautiful :o)