'Fifi' & 'Fido' are happily settling down for the night which leaves me here in my sweet guest room surrounded by flowers and candles (it doesn't get much better than this) and it's time to close my eyes and pick from the tiny pile of names. Amazing that only a small handful are interested in angels! Well, here goes.........JULIE B.
that is the know what? I have two more prints and I think I will give those away, too. Why not???? .......... miss *r............and Tracy!!! There you go.

You just never know what will happen at Faerieluna

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miss*R said...

hey Rella - I have been 'incapacitated' for a week (see my blog) - thankyou, thankyou!
it seems I have lots to catch up on here - off to bed for me now but I will be back tomorrow to read and catch up xoxo