You never really know what's around the next corner.....and here I am off on another little adventure. A family I know (sort of) wanted to head off for a little R&R for a few days, but their two furry friends were not really that wild about the idea and opted to stay home. This is where I come in. I am the house-pet sitter for the next few days. The lovely home is only 26 miles from my nest and an easy drive. Tonight through Saturday I will play "sitter". I will, of course, miss my 'Studio with a bed', but I welcome the change of venue and maybe the ability to focus on another task that is close at hand and that is a week long trip with the doc to LA to assist him during many meetings; and not in an average fashion, but rather as the master planner and coordinator of hospitality. Large quantities of food and beverage, A/V equipment, etc., loooooooooong hours. Last year it was DC during Cherry blossom time. I saw cherry blossoms from the limo to the hotel on day one........and to the airport on the last day. I NEVER LEAVE THE HOTEL FOR A FULL WEEK!!!! But, again, it's a change of venue and I love ordering wonderful things to make people happy and not have to give it a second thought as to how much it costs. How fun is that?!!

Now, here is the deal on the gift away. The name will be drawn tomorrow and posted before I say goodnight to Fifi and Fido (their real names withheld to protect their identity :) ) Part of this great gig is that they also have wireless internet connection so I don't have to leave my laptop home. is never lonely in a BIIIIGGGGGG strange house when I can tune in to my favorite blogs.
I will share some lovely photos over the weekend of my temporary home away from home.

Now I will turn on my shooooshing machine (yes, I bring that with me) and spritz the guest room with my favorite scent from my nest and settle in. You know, I could do this for a living and be quite happy I think....I would just wish for cats to care for as they are my all time favs.

Good night Bloggies..........and don't miss out on the drawing. I'm not sure when I will have another with the craziness of April ahead of me. We will see.

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