You have to wait for some loves to come along :)

At 18 when I joyfully, expectantly filled my hope chest with linens, cookbooks, dishes, etc., I coveted the mulit-tasking KitchenAid stand mixers, but really could not afford to indulge. As the years went by, babies came along and thoughts turned to changing tables, diapers, and all that goes along with parenthood. One very strong desire we both had was our babies would not be in daycare, and thankfully, we pulled it off with my taking odd jobs here and there during hours daddy was home. So it goes without saying that some things were put on the 'back burner' for many years. No regrets there!

Speeding forward in the blink of an eye I am well past baby days, and have experienced times where finances were never an issue. But even in those 'easy years', I had the notion that I could not use discretionary funds on such a LUXURY item. I am my father's daughter. When it no longer felt like a luxury but a necessity to be able to mix large quantities of cake batter for cupcakes for the cafe, I could finally give in.

Here she is...a gorgeous, enamel black (it was quite hard deciding on the color as there are so many luscious ones to choose from now) Professional 5 Plus.

I'm in love.


Lisa Gallup said...

Your story sounds just like my life! lol Love your new mixer!!! I've seen those in all their luscious colors, and think they would look so spiffy sitting on my counter. :) Except I don't cook enough to warrant one - hubby would definitely have a bit of confusion over THAT purchase! roflol

Anonymous said...

HeeHee!!! I bought MY Professional 5 Plus wayyyyyyyyy back in the 1970's while I was single. Of course they only came in white then! She's still going strong tho, and I love her to pieces!!!!


Rella said...

Well, goodness, I don't cook either anymore........but baking is a totally different story!!

Anonymous said...

Little Rella: My love has been sitting on my counter for 24 years!!! She is the best and has never let me down! Have fun with your new love....she will certainly make your life easier. And, you do so deserve this luxury!!
Audra Mae

plongstocking said...

Your KA is beautiful. I have a KA Artisan in Dark Green. It is hard choosing a color. Now that you've got a fun tool, come to my website and check out the link on the right for 'A Year in Bread'. It'll give you a chance to use your bread hook. The year started on March 21 so you haven't missed anything. We're making pizza dough this month.

Patti G. said...

I have an older version from a few maybe 6 years back that I got as a gift and LOVE mine too!!!! How can we not! Just wonderful creations to make our CREATING time in the kitchen easier and more fuN! Oh yes, welcome to the family Rella! <3 Hugs,Patti