O.K....through much trial and tribulation,
here is the latest of my 'Gift Aways'. 
The laptop I usually use (IBM) is on the fritz...
Windows will not open, therefore NOTHING will. 

So I have to depend on my mac that does not have picasa 
and uploading and sizing of photos is a bit harder. 
This picture is not the best I fear, 
but I wanted to get it here as best I could. 
This is a 4" balsa wood heart with a hanging loop 
of black and white 1/8 ribbon trim. 

It is also edged around the entire heart with the same trim. The image is a Zetti (one of my favs) image stamped on tissue and slightly colored. 
The text is also a stamped bit of paper. 
The heart itself first had gesso applied, 
a few different paints and inks to give it depth 
which you cannot see very well here. 
The back is a lighter color of paints and I will be signing and writing a little note to the winner.

I have not spritzed on the glitter glam yet 
as that impairs the photo quality, 
but it will be applied shortly as I think that will be the little "bling" necessary. 
All and all it's a little Valentine morsel from me to you. 
This week I will draw the name on Thursday 
so that it can be mailed off Friday.

I want to make sure it's gets to it's new home before Valentine's Day.

Bonne Chance!!


Susan said...

I would love to included in your drawing for the heart.

Lisa Gallup said...

Well, this is way cool, too!! I'm a huge Zetti fan. :):)

zUzU said...

Well, Miss Rella =^..^=

Again ... delightful.
The backgrounds on your pieces captivate my attention ... I love them.

Stamped on tissue paper?
Ingenious. I really should try some of these
lovely techniques I read about! I like this one.
I can see potential for great fun ... and a big
mess in my studio.

Such fun. The bigger the mess ...

Your heART today is big and as beautiful
as always ... A lovely offering indeed!

Alas, although I DO love this gorgeous piece
I do not wish to be considered for the draw this
time ... as I have just been bestowed
with the amazing gift of winning Miss Katra the
Paper Doll (of which my head is still spinning with happiness.)

But LOVE this one! Hearts are a favorite!

=^..^= xxoox zU

Susan Goodell said...

Perfect for Valentines day with the heart. I would love too to have this piece.

Patti Gramza said...

CindyRella, Count me in on your sweet heart of zetti!!! <3
ZuZu seems soooooo tickled with her much happiness, it is infectious!!! FUN!!
Thanks for offering ANOTHER HeART art! That is awesome!!!! Hugs,Patti

Seeking Simplicity said...

Oh please include me. I love zetti stamps... but I haven't seen this one . Thanks so much for offering this giveaway

dogfaeriex5 said...

love this gal, just love the art!!
please count me in!!

tejae said...

Hello there. Please add my name to the mix. This is just too cool.


CafeArtiste said...

What a lovely piece! I'll throw my hat into the ring as well. Maybe I'll get to see this in person! Besides, Cindy, I don't think I have any of your artwork -- but you do have one of mine coming your way this week!

Gramercy Galleria said...

Absolutely exquisite. I would love to be in your drawing, please.


julie g. baxley said...

Love the Heart! I would love to be in your drawing for such a beautiful artpiece!

julie g. baxley

Anonymous said...

That is a great heart!! I'd love to be included in the draw :)

kathywas said...

This is such a wonderful idea...sharing your heart for Valentine's Day. And what a wonderful heart it is! I'd love to be included in the drawing.

Beth said...

I feel guilty jumping into another drawing of yours...but how could I resist ???? This heart is WONDERFUL....I want to reach out and touch it. I know with the tissue paper that there just has to be a yummy feel to it !!!
And I love zetti, too. Actually anything Teesha(ish) is the just has such a great "make me smile" look to it !!!

PEA said...

Such a beautiful heart! Please enter my name in your draw:-) I did my giveaway this past Friday and it was so much fun to be part of it all!! Hugs xox

Anonymous said...

love all your art work !
you so inspire me !!
when I "grow up" creativity-wise I wanna be just like you.
would love to be part of the drawing.
hugs and smiles
WendyP , Thames, New Zealand

Rella said...

The numbers are growing and this is just fun!! Do NOT hesitate to enter your name EVERY week....even if you have already been a winner. That does not matter at all. Everyone is welcome each and eery time. Faerie dust lands where it will. No rhyme or reason. <3 Rella

Sandi( said...

What a great combo...Zetti plus Valentines!!!

Lizzy said...

This is gorgeous!!! I'd love to be included in your drawing! Your art is amazing!
LizzyM, Seattle

Dana said...

HI there :)

Please enter me in your drawing :)
Thanks so much for the generous offer!