HERE WE GO.................PULLING A NAME.....

Today's winner is....... zUzu!!!!! woooowhoooooo. Miss K is packaged up and ready to fly to your enchanted cottage.

For those of you who have not visited zUzU you can go
  • HERE
  • and meet one of the most enchanting writers I've come across in a long time. Her blog is beautiful with so much "eye candy" you cannot wait to go back and get MORE. Each of her postings draws you into a delightful place of wonder along with the most beautiful pictures. Visiting Zuzu is like taking a deep breath and letting all your cares go to the wayside. Do yourself a favor and take a journey and be prepared to smile.


    Anonymous said...

    Well, I am so happy to hear that ZuZu is the winner this week!! I think she was positively busting at the seems!!!!!! Congrats to ZuZu and to Katra. I know she will love her new wonderland.
    Audra Mae

    zUzU said...

    How. Cool. Is. This. =^..^=

    It was meant to be ...
    I really think so!

    I was buzzing around here trying to errr... bug ... nay, REMIND miss Rella that it was Saturday and that she should REMEMBER to post her Valentine treasure ... and lookie at this!

    I think Miss Katra and the magpies were up to this.
    Oh dear ... what have I gotten myself into?
    I read about the little mischief maker, Katra ...

    Hum. Wondering what she will get into here.
    I'm still thrilled.
    How could I not be!

    Miss Cindy Rella ... I am tickled pink.


    =^..^= love, zU