I am sure I am not the first to notice or 
'connect the dots',
but there seems to be an interesting swing 
in behavior going on the past couple of month. 

Blogging is growing by leaps and bounds and 
as with any change of such magnitude, 
something else goes by the wayside. 
In this case, one avenue of artistic outlet, 
our online art groups, are becoming noticably quiet. 

Personally, I stepped back from my groups 
because I knew that my little life was becoming a bit overwhelming 

and there was little room left for obligating 
myself to creating large amounts of artwork to trade. 

Plus, I was not at a creative highpoint back 
a few months ago and have not returned to that point 
even as I write. 

About that time, I jumped into the blog arena and shared what little I was able to do creatively on my own blog.......
and at the same time began to cruise the super highway of blog to blog exploring. 

Through the sharing of an ever increasing number of artistic blogs, one could quite literally BLOG THE DAY AWAY!!!!. 

I have met some amazing people and really discovered 
incredible talent out there in Blogland. 

Every day I find something new, someone new. 

So I guess what I'm saying is that the little time 

I have or allow myself on the computer given 
the full-time job and the loss of creative energy 
due to some life circumstances, I am using in Blogland.

And here, on MY blog, I give away to my wonderful visitors,

the only art I CAN create right now. 

So, I am still giving away my little pieces, 
but it's on my terms, and on a very teeny, tiny, scale.

What do YOU, my bloggie friends think?

Have YOU noticed?

  What is YOUR opinion?


Patti Gramza said...

I think that is true Rella! I think the groups are a bit quiet too and I love the blogs, that allow you to catch someone's art and life happenings at the same time! It is an intersting thing......and I know everyone has to work their life with the time they have at hand to keep sane!!! There is allllllways sooo much going on........a part of what technology offers us! I think blogging is a convenient way to share thoughts and art and whatever one treasures for all to see quickly......and for that I am thankful! Hugs,Patti

Lisa Gallup said...

I absolutely LOVE blogging! I have a livejournal blog for my daily happenings and the occasional rant, and I have my art blog which I am TERRIBLE at updating! I love finding new peeps out in blogland and get inspired daily by all of the art I see. I'd rather surf blogs than chat on yahoo groups - i feel much more conected via the blogging world.

kathywas said...

I agree with you 100%. Blogging has DEFINITELY become the craze, and it seems that more and more people are leaving Yahoo groups to allow more time for their own art instead of swaps. Although I'm not always the best at keeping up with my blog, I think that blogging allows more of a "one-to-one" communication with other artists and allows them to REALLY get to know one another...both on a personal and a professional level. I really like the personal communication versus a general posting to a group.

Anonymous said...

I'm now into my first full month of blogging, but decided to make the switch from "grouping" to "blogging" because I felt I needed to surround myself with new/fresh inspiration on my own terms.
As a newbie also, I think blogging really challenges myself... what should I post that would be interesting? Is this project good enough to allow strangers to look at? What has happened to me throughout the day that I can look at and find interesting through a stranger's viewpoint - etc.
I've enjoyed peeking at your blog since the great heART giveaway started :)

Beth said...

As you can tell...I love blogging. It has become a huge part of my life and I can't imagine not having it. I think it's good for the soul in so many ways.
I almost feel that my time spent reading other blogs has become my new "daily newspaper"....obviously anything out in blog land seems to be so much more fun and interesting then anything happening locally....all the same stuff..."should we build a new grocery store, is that intersection too dangerous etc." I'd much rather read blogs and see artwork anyday !!!!

dogfaeriex5 said...

i feel like beth, it is like reading a new newspaper everytime you visit a new blog and my life is such the richer since my blogging has began.. i cannot imagine my life without my blogging friends and there art and they have all become part of my life and it is important what goes on in their lives and all the sharing...((((HUGS))))...
ps..i go through my fav lists every morning while drinking my starbucks....