Remember picking up shells and holding them close to your ear and really believing you were hearing the soothing sound of water?

A few years later you then lost the innocence for a time. Coming full circle I'm not so sure the magic is not, in fact, embedded within the mystery of the shell regardless of science and book smarts.

If you believe it's so, isn't that enough?

This is my ATC gift of the week.

It is truly a gift not only to the name pulled on Sunday next, 
it is a gift to me. 

I am meeting some kindred spirits 
which allow everyone else who visits 
another magical door to open, 
another blog, another arttist, 
another adventure. 

The gift comes full circle.

Say hello and leave your blog address or e-mail, and let simple fate take over.

Bonne Chance!


Beth said...

Oh my gosh are killing me with this one !!! Of course with my blog being Seaside dreamer....sea, the ocean, shells and sand are my favorites !!!
So once again..please put my name in the bowl and I'll keep my fingers crossed !!

~ Tracy ~ said...

Hi Rella, I found your blog through Beth (I just found Beth's blog yesterday!). Your ATC's are lovely. Looking forward to seeing more of your art in the future. :)

Lisa said...

Beautiful ATC!

Lisa said...

Beautiful ATC!

DJ said...

this is lovely Rella! I grew up near the beach and this brings back such sweet memories.
Thanks for the note about the link too. I'll add you back on the list in a bit!

Diane Duda said...

Hi Rella!

I don't know how I ended up here, but I'm glad I did. Not only is your artwork beautiful, but I don't know that I've ever come across anyone else who puts potato chips on sandwiches! Yes, I grew up eating bologna, potato chips, and ketchup on white bread. Is there anything in there that is good for you?

I'll be back often,
Diane Duda

Ellen Lyn said...

Love your blog, it's very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Cindy Rella: Your latest ATC is just precious. I'm an East Coast gal that alwayzzzzz loved the beach! I'd love to have this little gemster.
Audra Mae

stephanie said...

Lovely ATC, great site, so glad I 'found' you via Seaside Dreamer!!

Rella said...

New "faces"....some familiar souls...this is just the best fun since I started blogging. Thank you all for visiting and saying hello......when you do, I go visit YOU! hugs all around ~ Rella

Angela D said...

The soothing sound of the ocean forever capture in a conch shell, waiting patiently until it is discovered by you.

What a beautiful card. I'm so happy I stumbled onto your blog. It's not in my favorites.

Happy Tuesday!

Angela D said...

Yikes... scratch out "not" and insert NOW I don't have my glasses on .

dogfaeriex5 said...

love it!! anything with shells and her face is very sweet!!..thanks for stopping by my blog, you are in the process of being added to my fav list on the rock!

zUzU said...

okay. =^..^=
I admit to being captivated too.

After seeing her last night, this little girl has
begun to talk to me in my dreams.

I dreamt of her last night sitting in the little
bowl of sand and shells softly lit by the beeswax
candle that sits there atop the tiny beach ... The
flame flickering in the dim light of the waters edge
... Waiting for her to appear.

I guess it is a sign for me to speak and say ...
Will you place my name into the drawing too?

I shall await,
Eyes scrunched tight

=^..^= love, zU

Amber said...

Hi Rella,
I couldn't resist adding my name to the drawing...your ATC is beautiful!!!
Squeezy hugs,
Amber H.

Duckie said...

How could I pass up the opportunity to possibly get this gorgeous piece of art?