WoooHooooooooooo!!! Thinking a little ahead, I chose today as a vacation day to add to the three day weekend. It's been magnificent to do whatever I want...which is usually flit from one thing to another, many projects started, and nothing really finished. In between I aspire to clean and do the Domestic Goddess thing; however, I fail miserably. What I HAVE accomplished is a big mess. Now the good news is that today I created an ATC that I am so jazzed over and so in love with that I feel giddy. I confess that I don't say that about everything that comes from this 'studio with a bed'. But bloggie buddies....this one just touches my heart. Stay tuned!!! :)

Now, I also want to mention that as I continue to find great blogs, I will be adding them to my sidebar; so keep checking that so that you, too, can enjoy these delicious new finds. Today I already added two more. If you are visiting and would like to swap sidebar spaces, leave me the link with your comment here. I really have to put on the Domestic Goddess crown and accomplish something out there. Wish me luck.........I'M GOING IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beth said...

I had a day today just like yours. I did throw in a load of laundry, just to show that I got something domestic done.

And yesterday only the sheets on the bed got changed as far as house stuff goes....oh well.

I'd like to share a saying that belongs to one of my girlfriends...
"When you are dead and gone, nobody will remember how clean your house was, but they'll remember what a bitch you were trying to keep it that way"....once I heard that, I let go of my need to have everything spotless all of the time !!!!

Enjoy !!!!

Rella said...

YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT, Beth!!! Well, you will see by the next post that I didn't keep my crown on long!!