So that moment of domestic activity lasted all of 15 minutes. Laundry in, floor mopped.........made a latte......looked around and had a genius moment. I thought how fun it would be to showcase one of several stamps that I have from one of my favorite places to shop - STAMPOTIQUE, right here in Arizona. They have some really fab and very original stamps that they make right there in the back room of their great shop.
So I grabbed the stamp 'Relaxin', the Stazon in black, and a frosted candle holder. One that is a little larger than the average votive holder. VIOLA!!! It freakin stays on!!! And I love it!! One of the things that I love about this particular line (Jill Penney & Daniel Torrent) is that they are quirky, Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas types of designs that really speak to that 'outside the box, not really cute' thing I've had since forever. Don't you just love her??!!! Head on over to www.stampotique.com (go to my sidebar to get their fast) and take a look at what they have. I guarantee you will be smiling. Oh, and on the back I am going to stamp the "blah, blah, blah, blah" stamp that is also from this line. Have fun..................o.k. now I will head back to the chores. Until my next brain storm. LOLOLOLOL I feel storm clouds coming.


Anonymous said...

Rella...this is awesome and i love that stamp. I am bookmarking that site cuz i want some of those stamps. I am on a spending freeze for awhile :o( Then i will be doing some shopping :o)

Maija said...

What a wonderful idea, and the stamp is rocking!!

zUzU said...

Oh Rella! =^..^=

This is such a darling idea!
Love it!

I didn't know of the Stazon stamp stuff
...Okay, I admit I am new to a lot of the goodies
I am seeing used on collages and now on GLASS!

Oh! Where to start.
I do try to stay away from the art supply stores.

Everything. Oh so very addictive looking.
And now look what you have done!
I want to collect stamps too.
(I really like these unusual drawings you have lead us to
-- are you familar with ben strawn's work?)

Oh Dear.
This is dangerous.

I thought my thing for paintbrushes was bad enough ::giggle:: and now this ::grin::

I want to play in the storm now too!
Thanks bunches for the inspiration!
I am off to dream of what I will need ...
things to gather ...
Dusting to ignore.

kisses, love zU

Kimberly Kwan said...

Love Stampotique (wish it was closer!)
Love this line of rubber (so noir!)
Love my Staz-On!!
I'd say this little beauty was WELL worth lettign the chores wait!

dogfaeriex5 said...

so totally cool~~
lovethe corpse bride and anything by tim burton..

tina's space said...

This is brilliant; I am digging those cool unusual images. I may just have to buy some. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creation. That stazon is just perfect.

Diane Duda said...

chores, shmores...this is genius!

Beth said...

OK.... I need to try this at my house !!!! How cool !!!

I'll have to watch myself though, or the whole house will have stamped images...lampshades, drawer fronts, window panes in the french doors to my office, corner of the bathroom mirror....see, I'm gonna be out of control with this great idea !!!!!

skimeister82@msn.com said...

Cindy! How did you stamp on the rounded sides of the candle holder?? Did you roll the stamp or what?? It is such a cool idea and you know how I love, love, love those images! I have so many of them to use!!! Tell me how to do it!!!
Audra Mae

Rella said...

Dear Audra Mae and everyone,
How terrible of me, really, not to give some directions here for these fun votives.

O.K. First, let me tell you that candle votives are none other than the newer Glade candles that are frosted and have such wonderfully removable labels. For that ease alone, I could just kiss them!! My favorite scent is Angel Whispers. I am still burning the Christmas one called Glistening Snow, however, as I found a few after the holidays at half off!!! So, with a bare and clean votive, I put the Black Stazon in on the chosen stamp and with the votive in my one hand at eye level, and the stamp in the other hand, press firmly from one edge to the other in a rolling type fashion. Two out of two came out fabulous, so I'm convinced anyone can do it because if ANYONE could botch up a process, it would be me. LOL I was thinking of giving it an extra bit of protection with a spray of matte spray sealer, but have not done it yet. Now here's an idea if you have red Stazon.....how about a Valentine stamp? AND, I was looking at the votives I did here and wondered if I might fill in just her lips with a red permanent pigment pen just for a pop of color......OR write something with the sharpie. Why not? That's the fun of recycling a bit of glass that has pretty much served it's original purpose with hours, and hours of delicious burning fragrance???

Anonymous said...

Oh, little Rella!! Thanks for the directions! I am going to make some tomorrow. I have lots of the Glade candles!
Hugzzzzzzzzz from,
Audra Mae the East Coast Gal