Most of yesterday and all of today there is so much missing from my blog!!! Do any of you experience this??? I am at a loss as to what to do. What do YOU see right now as you are visiting? Does everything look normal? Can you see all of the side bar, like all the sites I visit?
If you have any ideas or similar problems, please share. Thanks so much ~


Amber said...

Hi Rella...Although yesterday I noticed a bunch of stuff missing, today it has magically reappeared :0)
Everything looks as good as new!!!
Artful hugs,

inventivesoul said...

Your page takes a LONG time to load, but eventually, every thing seems to load up just fine.
You have a great blog!
Amber Dawn

Anonymous said...

Hi Rella,
Everything looks great to me! I scrolled down to some of your earlier posts--love your art!!!

Thank you for your comment on my blog.

Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Rella...it looks all fine to me and loads fine also. are you on the old blogger still...if so, sometimes you just might have to 'republish' your blog. i think there is somewhere that says 'status' on the tabs and you can just republish the whole thing. have you gotten the option to switch to the beta version or maybe you are already on it? okay, i am starting to ramble. i came here to tell you Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Hugs from me and lots of smooches from Montana to you :o)

Maija said...

It looks perfect from where I am!

Anonymous said...

Hey--it looks like it's all there to me. Apparently people can comment on my site again, but it always comes in as non-reply, so I can't just email them back. Grrr....

I guess the bugs will get worked out eventually.

Have a great (no-stress, lo-tech) holiday!