Hmmmmmm, only six, eh?? This may be tough.

1. My sense of smell is extraordinary so with that I cannot bear the house to smell like food. Like on Thanksgiving eve you will never find me cooking my turkey slowly all night because I would NEVER sleep. If I wake up and smell food it drives me crazy. It's just daffy.

2. Speaking of sleep. I have to have white noise in order to sleep. I think it began when I worked third shift for several years back in the late 80's, early 90's. In order to sleep during the day I would put the T.V. on a channel that did not come in and the shooshing noise helped me block out the normal day sounds. I loved the sound of the airconditioner or fan, also. Then I switched to finding a station on the radio that did not come in. That worked most of the time, except some mornings when short wave radios seem to suddenly wake me with a start as a voice would be in my room! Now I have moved to the extreme of having a white noise machine AND a radio. When I travel I have to make do with just the white noise machine that I pack in my suitcase (along with an extension cord as most hotels don't have enough outlets close to the bed). Nuts, I say.

3. I often love to have a little cold diet soda in between sips of coffee. Can't figure that one out.

4. I only like the toilet paper roll to roll out from underneath, NOT over the top.

5. I love to put potato chips inside sandwhiches.

6. I have not gone without painted toenails since sometime in 1996 I think, but I seldom have my fingernails done. I prefer them bare and rather short.

Well, that was easy finding six odd things about myself. All in all I think I AM a bit quirky.

I don't know about tagging anyone...........run with it if you'd like.


christine said...

Rella -- I LOVE your list LOLOL!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh man...we'd be fighting over the toilet paper roll, lol.