At the kitchen counter, along side the sink, sit these two friends that have been with me through good times and not-so-good times. The gargoyle came into my life first sometime in the 80's when my son Ryan came back from Boston with him as a gift to me, explaining that this particular gargoyle watched over the Queen. He spent several years with me in Connecticut and I made sure that when I packed up a few precious items to travel in my VW to Arizona, he was there. As I took him out of his tissue paper I remember a bittersweet feeling washing over me as I was beginning a new chapter of my life far from the familiar comfort of family and friends. There he was, ready to take his station of guardianship. My old friend. A few years later, more drama, more choices, more change. A new companion joined us. A tiny little angel with a sense of whimsy now sat next to my guardian of many years. She and he moved with me several more times....always lovingly wrapped and placed in the special box that would ride in my car with me to the next stop, the next nest, the next beginning. Never left in the hands of movers. Never.

Now as I look at them, my companions over the years, I am reminded that there have been others. Special people that have also moved with me in spirit. Friends and family who have been an ear or a shoulder during difficult times with each and every move, with every difficult decision. Special souls that have encouraged, made me laugh, filled my world with art, and sage advice and who celebrate each delightful adventure and comfort when the tunnel seems long and dark.

I am so thankful.


Anonymous said...

Rella...have i told you before how touching your posts are. I love this one also and love the whole 'thankfulness' to it.

p.s. i tried emailing you but i get the 'out of office' notice so i guess i don't have your other email address. mine is:

kathywas said...

Oh, Rella..what a lovely post. And who could have better guardians then these 2. I love their history and their sense of companionship throughout the years.

Many blessings for a creative and Happy, healthy New Year! May your friendships continue to grow and add to the company of these 2 loving companions! Please consider me as one of those friends!

jblack designs said...

Wonderful, wonderful. Thoughtful, inspiring, kind-hearted. It makes me happy reading it.

I'm also envious of how brave you are--picking up and going far afield, traveling, starting over. Wow.

And an artist, too.

It doesn't get any better. ;-)


Amber said...

Hi Rella...I got goosebumps reading your is so insightful and touching!
Wishing you the very best this New year has to offer you...
Amber H