It's difficult to capture the excess in this yard. Jim patiently drove me to several places to stop dead in the road (Fountain Hills is a pretty quiet place, so this is not a dangerous thing to do) so I can take photos....and this was one of the most lit up. My camera is just a little thing and at night the pics become quite fuzzy I'm sorry to say, but if you can imagine that this was only one third of the whole scene!! I am pretty sure you can see the whole yard from space. There isn't really a theme, unless you count "crazy brain effect" as a theme. But it's fun and I am so sure the kids in town love riding by. And that's what it's all about, isn't it?? Kids of ALL ages.

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Maija said...

Isn't it strange and wonderful how many lights people in Arizona put on their houses! I never saw anyting like this growing up on the Easy coast.