On this first morning of 2007 I find myself wonderfully ensconced in my nest enjoying the luxury of my last day off, surrounded by pieces from art sisters and my own work (some in progress) the inspiration of my collection of Somerset Studio magazines, and my laptop. The softly filtered sunlight washes my room in a gorgeous golden glow and the only sound in the background is the happy chatter of finches. It doesn't get much sweeter than this. Somewhere I've filed away the worry and fear attached to the new cafe. Right behind that I must have inserted the thought of heading back to the office after 9 days off and have refused to dwell on it. Instead, I am totally enjoying the moment, the sweetness of my nest and how perfect everything is at this very moment. Right here, right now.

I wish everyone of you who visit here today the same wonderful sense of peace and comfort for the year, the day..........for this one moment.


jblack designs said...

What a wonderful view! Lovely, lovely. I envy your bit of rest in such an inspiring location.

Thanks for sharing--and happy new year!


Maija said...

Your room is so lovely and looks so comfy!