The obsession with snapping photos as I drive home from work continues. What is not clear to the camera lens or the naked eye is the bliss that is attached to this day's photo session. We were dismissed at 2:00 to begin our long holiday weekend!! Three and a half glorious hours (paid!) ahead of schedule. The drive home was a celebration of liberty and blue sky. The cumulus clouds gathering in the North will soon give way to total blue as we head into the Fall and Winter months. I have detected a new and slight change of frangrance in the morning that heralds the end of summer and the promise of cooler days and crisp, starry nights. If you can believe it, we will even be using the fireplace and turning on the heat in a few months. Soon we will see more out of state plates as the snow birds return. We will greet them with a mixture of delight (increased revenue at our cafe) and aggitation (more traffic and longer wait at our favorite dining spots) Such is life here in the Sonoran Desert. Posted by Picasa

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