I've not attempted anything much larger than a post card in a while and this was a very fun, very soothing piece to work on. The colors just seemed to flow well and her face is so peaceful. It's really a very personal piece that reflects my own gathering of special things for my nest. The place where I find solace and comfort no matter what is going on in the day-to-day. The project was inspired by wonderful background instructions given by Misty Mawn in Cloth,Paper,Scissors. Posted by Picasa


kathywas said...

Wow, are you ever amazing!! This is absolutely beautiful. Misty would be honored that you created such a gorgeous piece of artwork from her published article. You are one talented lady!!

Amber said...

This is so nuturing...I see the concern for her loved ones on her face...This is just awesome!!! One of my favorites for sure!!!
artful hugs,