After attending Art Unraveled in Phoenix, my dear friend, Lyn, stayed a few days with me for a fun-filled, (tears rolling down our face from laughing kind)artfest we entitled "Art Explosion". This is Lynnie working on her 'Portals Zine' inspired, artdoll. I will post the two of them side by side on my next blog entry.

While the fun of a gathering like Art Unraveled can be so inspiring, there is nothing quite like having a good friend over for a huge p.j. party type of arting. We were able to play off each other, share techniques, and just totally fill our days with friendship and art. Can you think of anything better? Remember back when you and your best friend got together and played Barbie dress up, or paper dolls? THIS WAS EVEN BETTER!!! Memories to last a lifetime. Posted by Picasa


Lost Aussie said...

I bet you both had the bestest! of fun...
It was lovely to finally meet you!
art hugs

kathywas said...

OMG! Is this Lyn Avedikian??? I've known her for years from Yahoo Groups, and I met her for the 1st time at Art&Soul Hampton last year. I love both her AND her artwork! What a small world!