As I drive home from work each day I now have my digital in the left hand and simply snap random photos while I keep my eyes on the road and drive. When I get home I plug the camera into the computer and see what I've captured. Most, while surprisingly are in focus, are not "keepers". But it only takes one to take your breath away and this is one. A summer storm that we typically see every day at this time during the monsoon season here in the sonoran desert was brewing. Part of the vast sky was gorgeous blue, part was dark and ominus. The kind of "scary" you just have to love. I hoped to catch a lightening bolt or two as they streak across the sky horizonally as well as straight down, but no luck with that. However, THIS picture is a stunner. Posted by Picasa


jblack designs said...

I agree--it's beautiful! I wish you'd send some of those storm clouds this way, though. No rain since forever, it feels.

Love the photo!


Rella said...

Thanks for visiting ~ and if I could send some happy rain your way, I would. Mother Nature, you gotta love her!