One magical thing I never tire of here is that rain during the daylight hours ALWAYS, always, brings us a rainbow and often it's a double. Growing up in Connecticut, I would practially jump out of my skin if a rainbow appeared for the viewing. It was so very rare. Now I am pretty certain that there will be that glorious treat each and every rain. The sky is so big, and the rainstorms only seem to be in small areas at a time so it's almost a sure thing the storm will be on one side and the clear blue on another. Sun out.......rainbows. How divine is that?! Posted by Picasa

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kathywas said...

I LOVE rainbows! God's way of letting us know that he's watching over us! I had never seen a double rainbow until I recently went to Colorado to visit my sister. I didn't even know that 2 rainbows were possible, but the effect is truly breath-taking!