With a sigh of relief I am back to my nest, my little world. Surrounded by things that I love and the peacefulness that the average day does not afford me 'out there'. Out there can be the office, a social gathering, standing in line at a post office, you name it. It's the definition of what takes you away from what you enjoy most or more importantly what takes the place of what brings you joy. I have little need of being in the company of many and often prefer time spent quitely alone, or just observing...listening. A whole day spent in my nest creating a piece of artwork, listening to music or in perfect silence is as close to 'nirvana' as it gets.

The sweet face of this "nesting" paperdoll greets me as I return tonight. She was created with inspiration from a recent article in the newest Portals zine written by Angela Petsis. Angela kindly shared her artwork in this fabulous zine and this is my rendition. Take a look at Angelas work on her site at Posted by Picasa


Maija said...

It's interesting that I looked at your moon chart today. Last night I woke up around 1:30 am to let the puppy out. When I got outside, it was so bright, the entire pool was illuminated. No chunky dunking for me last night...too much light in the pool!

kathywas said...

Such a cute and creative tag! I love it!

One thing nice about blogging and sharing is the opportunity to be introduced to new artists and names that one has never encountered before. Thanks for sharing the link to Angela's site. I love her collage paintings..they're fantastic!