I've been battling this blue feeling since I awakened from a troubling dream. A dear soul, someone I know in this world (and possibly a previous one) was very unhappy and then died from a heart attack....or maybe a broken heart since her unhappiness had to do with disappointment in love. There is an understanding in the dream realm where death does not necessarily indicate death, but that concept is of little comfort to me when the grip of saddness shrouds my spirit. No amount of 'self talk' alters the mood, nothing seems to distract me.

So the day slips by and night has arrived and the sweetest time of day in MY world is shadowed by the battle of the day. How is it that a dream can foster such a spiral? And I am now aggitated that my Sunday has been so tainted......so colored........seemingly wasted.

What do YOU do when and if this feeling surrounds you for an entire day? I would love to hear. Posted by Picasa


kathywas said...

I often have those blue periods, ESPECIALLY when it rains for days upon end. Usually when I'm feeling that way I'll do one of 2 things...either shop on the internet or call an internet friend. Often when I feel this way it's because I feel secluded or alone and need to talk or be around people And of course, the personal gratification of buying something on-line seems to always make me feel better....that is, until the bill comes in!!!

Cindy said...

Shopping online IS a great way to chase the blues. Retail therapy as some call it. Sometime putting in a fav comedy is good, too. For us, here, we get tired of the summer and staying indoors and air conditioning like you get tired of rain. So the "good" weather is almost here for me!