It was 111 degrees when I got home from work today at 6:15pm. It's been hotter, that's for damn sure. And I didn't even cringe (that much) when I walked out into it, four times today. At 8am (90) to head to work. At 11:30am (104) to actually leave the air conditioned building for lunch, something I rarely do. At 5:30 (111) to leave work. And the final time 6:00pm (still 111) from the hardware store after my only stop before home. As I write this it's cooled down to 102 at 9:15pm and I find myself remembering the snow on Four Peaks Mountain in March. I call to mind the exact feeling as I pulled out of our driveway for work that morning and looked East to the mountain, knowing that the weekend had brought snow to all elevations over 4,000'. The morning was brisk, high 30's and I delighted in seeing the snow in the distance, totally prepared with my camera to shoot it from the driver's seat before heading to the office. Snow, glorious snow. The most glorious kind...the kind you don't have to shovel...just admire from afar. So I cringe, I hide, I wear dark glasses and pay a Queen's ransom to the electric company for the bliss of air conditioning from May to October. And call up the memory of snow on the distant mountians that surround this beautiful little town. Posted by Picasa

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