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I have an affinity to faeries, wings, glitter...there is just something so very magical about it all. I can't even be sure when it started and it appears the love affair is not ending any time soon. These three beauties, and one baby fae, are just a few of what I have surrounded myself with and I wanted to share them. All four are one of a kind, and hand sculpted from clay. The first two from an amazing artist in New Mexico
  • Julie Ann Rodgers
  • and each of her sculpts just comes to life. I would truly fill my house with her wonderful faes if I could. The baby fae in the second photo and the other sweet little faeire holding a handful of faerie dust comes from "Down Under" and I am sorry that I don't have a link for the artist by the name of Joann who sculpted these two sweet things, but I wanted to share them anyhow. There are many more that keep me company here. Created from clay, wood, metal, paper. I see something special in every one of them and when I create them myself, it is an intense pleasure to give them away. Part of the joy of creating is sending them off to bring someone else a bit of happiness and sharing the joy they have given me in the creation.

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    They are beautiful!