Ah, the glorious fig. Sweet, packed full of nutrients....and evidently an open invitation to every bird within this town and beyond during the day, AND COYOTES AT NIGHT!!! Who'd a thunk that a coyote would jump over a 5' wall to nosh on figs!!! Well, believe it! I'm sitting here blogging enjoying the peace of the evening (10:30pm) and I about jump out of my skin when I hear not once, but twice, the sound like fingernails raking over my window screen a few feet away. Holy Moly!!! Like a bat out of hell I am sooooooo across the house to find my knight in shining armor (o.k. T-shirt and shorts) to see what he imagines it might be. Now, I just want to talk about it...share. That's enough for me. I figure, whatever it's OUT THERE and we are IN HERE. That works. For me, evidently, not the "knight"...out he heads as I try to pull him back in with the above mentioned logic, US-INSIDE, IT-OUT THERE. In a flash he is out (I'm still inside just barely peeking out into the moonlit back yard. "Oh, there it goes over the wall" Geessshhh, kind of good words.......but not really. Whatever just "went over" surely will come back OVER! Then it hits us both at the same time. The memory of late night coyote visits to munch on figs. Hmmmmmmmm I guess they got the memo. The figs have ripened. ..........those blabber-mouthed birds. Posted by Picasa


jblack designs said...

Great post! Coyotes in the fig tree... Maybe you can leave fig newtons on the other side of the fence to keep them out. ;-)

falco348 said...

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