Joyeux Anniversaire Mon Petit Oiseau

I made this tiny birdhouse today for my only daughter, Renee, our middle child. Well, I didn't 'make' it, I simply altered a wooden one I found during a recent art search. She will understand the bird theme but perhaps not the "Fragile Beauty"

The thing is, I see her as a delicate beauty. Her skin is like a porcelain doll and her smile just lights up her face. Her beauty is so very delicate, so fragile. She becomes more so with every passing year. On the inside where she keeps it carefully locked up not wanting anyone to fragile her heart is.

My little bird, my fragile beauty. Happy Birthday!! Posted by Picasa


jblack designs said...

Wonderful! I love this.


Sandig said...

Beautiful! What an amazing gift.

Sharon said...

This is beautiful just as she must be.