The back of this PC made for the Zetti Holiday monthly swap states quite simply; "Wear your desire like a crown".........but then I had to add just a tad more with "Why, yes, that IS a coffee cup on my head. Delicious, don't you think?" This PC just makes me smile. And pretty much that is what it's all about. Our day-to-day can be downright serious way too often. We need a little whimsey, on at least a daily basis, to keep some sort of balance.

That's what is so wonderful about the little bits of art I am able to fit in each day. The seriousness of the medical arena I find myself in once again is in and of itself a good job. I'm grateful for the paycheck, the benefits, the challange. But when I walk out that door to come home to my nest, I leave it all behind me and lose myself wonderfully in a bit of whimsey where anything is possible. Even a coffee cup for a hat. Posted by Picasa

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kathywas said...

This is such a wonderful card! I love the whimsical nature of it, especially with the coffee cup on the head! This really brought a smile to my face!