After receiving my very cool collage sheets from PaperWhimsey I had this little set of doors that were a little "gifty" and I just HAD to use one for a Zetti body. I have this thing for doors and how fun it was to just create a little ATC with one. So I now realize that I have done two pieces in a row involving the moon which is so typical in retrospect because I am so drawn to it and always have been. So much so that when my partner, Jim, and I started the whole cafe thing back in February 04 (it seems a LOT longer than that!) we created our little company first called Lunasoleil..and THAT came about because of my lifelong love of the moon and night and cooler weather versus Jim's love of the sun and daylight and the heat. So even when I am not consciously choosing luna themes, I am most certainly subconsciously choosing. Of course, I WAS supposed to be making 5 ATC with sort of a summer theme for a swap, but I don't seem to be inspired yet. Letting my muse take over is so effortless. Posted by Picasa

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