A Day With the Moon

Today's creation was post card #3 for Zetti Zoo. It's my July Zetti Holiday PC that I will mail to one group member in particular, then randomly I will select other group members to get one as a surprise. Zetti Zoo is such a great group that my dear friend Lyn Avedikian introduced me to recently. I've been a Zetti nut for several years and it's one of the things that brought us together in the Yahoo Art Group world...the outside of the box realm of Zetti. So here in my little StUdIo wItH A bEd I created this on a piece of fab multi media madness paper I created with acrylic paint, stamps, gold leaf pen, etc. Tomorrow I will photo copy it and maybe embellish each one a bit more. On the back of the PC I will add more artwork and a fabulous quote to make it even more fun.........then off they go. Posted by Picasa

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jblack designs said...

I love this. That background is gorgeous, too!