So I have a 'studio' with a bed in it. It's where I create, read, listen to music, create, get ink and paint all over my hands, log onto my laptop (love wireless connection!!) oh, and then, fall into the bed not too far away from this table. My closet has more art stuff than clothes or shoes, my bathroom cabinets
tell a strange story of paint, glitter, paper, and a few cosmetics. It's not that I don't have room in the rest of the house. In fact, the rest of the house is almost barren. But since I was very young I have loved being in my bedroom. It's my "nest", a place where I feel happy. I seem to want to do everything here. This is how I raised my children. My ex (husband but still my friend) and I had this giant King sized bed and that is where we might all be come Sunday morning. He and I with our coffee and newspaper......the kids watching t.v. and chatting with us. The Nest. Kids are gone..ex is on the other side of the country, probably having coffee with his wife of a few years now...but I still have MY nest. I am happy here this morning. Damien Rice and Remy Zero is music of choice right now, coffee is by my side, I am darting around the internet with various blogs and Yahoo Art Groups I belong to, e-mailing my dear friend in Jersey, and soon I will play at my table and create. This is MY world - Life Is Good. Posted by Picasa

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