Everly Reese MacAlasdair
Hello my friends.
Too many months have passed
and every moment was filled to the brim it seems.
As I began writing July (23 days ago, no less!)
I took a deep breathe as I realized 1/2 of 2014 was but a memory.
I sincerely hope this first part of the year
was kind to you
and that the next almost half year
will be incredible.
In a GOOD way.
The girl above is a custom by Mariuka (Andreea)
and her hair was a work of art by
Kathi (Kathiminikatie on flickr).
When I asked Kathi to do this re-root last year,
I told her I was hoping for something as
stunning as the locks of my DIL.
Well, she delivered. 
This hair is just so beautiful.
And perfect for this girl.
I still enjoy the hobby of taking photographs
of the dolls that come..
the dolls I create...
My customs - Snow & Marin
and sometimes our sweet Luli girl..
Our Maltese that is 3 1/2 years old now.
fast iphone capture
Maybe discover an unexpected visitor...
Just last week...
THIS rascal was captured enjoying the
fallen figs....after jumping over
the very high concrete wall
that encloses the back yard!
Let's just call him Wylie Coyote.
You might recall a post a few years ago
Well, now it seems they are unafraid
of visiting in the middle of the day!
THAT is how good the figs are it seems.
Even as I stood at the window with my iphone
snapping away
She was not even remotely afraid.
There is always the brilliant blue sky
with the rare appearance of puffy clouds
that remind me of hearts
and an early morning at our park
with the intention of capturing the sunrise
so I guess what I am sharing
is that my only art form these days
comes from behind the camera.
either the Canon
or the iphone.
I dream of days spent with paints
and pencils and papers again...
but for now it remains just that..
a dream.
Thank you for visiting and now I am off
to visit many of YOU! 


Cinderella Moments said...

Hi Rella! So good to see a post from you. The new girl is so beautiful! All your girls are incredibly gorgeous. And I'd be happy to just see their photos on your blog. You have been so inspirational. I think I first saw Blythes on your blog. You made me want to try to customize one. And it was so much fun. So thank you for your gorgeous photos. They are so dreamy.


Tiggy said...

Wow Rella - How Absolutely Enchanting to see you posting again! Your pictures always inspire such Wonder and Beauty and I seriously can't Believe you got such an Amazing close up of a Coyote - WoW!
Thank you for the Uplift - and Please keep Posting!
LuV, TiGGy

Carol said...

Something told me to look for you and I found your blog once again. Am so very sorry to read about your Pia. Heartbreaking. Your dolls are still beautiful. Stampotique is soaring and I'm enjoying the ride as it could end tomorrow. It keeps me very busy to say the least. Hoping you and Jim are still enjoying one another.