A sorrowful goodbye
A month ago we put our girl to rest.
I will simply say that there were
complications after surgery to remove
a nasty bladder stone.
I have never tried so hard to turn the
course in all my days.
This gentle gaze I captured
on her last full day with us
after telling her I was so sorry
still breaks my heart.
She was a rascally kitten
born of feral parents
Rather aloof
never purred
did not like to be petted...
destroyed computer
and phone cords...
but I loved her.
On the day before her last
I set her favorite toy
since she was a kitten
in front of her...
and she just stared at it
as if remembering better days.
We buried her wrapped in a blanket
with her piggy.


Mari said...

Sorry for your lost, I know and understand your pain I lost two fur babies and recently my beloved cat Boots....


Rella said...

Thank you, Mari. I am sorry to hear you lost two fur babies......it's just so hard. hugs ~ Rella

Cinderella Moments said...

Awww! I'm so sorry Rella. She was beautiful! My 17 year old cat had a bladder infection at the same time that your baby did. Her vet also thought she had a stone. But she didn't- Thank God. She just needed stronger antibiotics. But The worry was the same. You just never know with pets. You gave her a good home. And that's more than most cats and dogs ever get. I hope you give a home to another cat very soon. They help you heal from the incredible sorrow so much faster. Trust me. I've lost my first Yorkie Fifi and I remember the incredible pain. I finally relinquished to my Mom's strong suggestion that I get another dog. When I finally did I realized that our job is to give these pets a good home and not hold on to the pain. But rather remember all the good they bring to our lives. I know I'm rambling and you may not be ready to hear this yet. But it's a lesson I learned. You must move on. Another baby is waiting for you.
big big hugs♥,

Carla Calvo said...

im so sorry for your loss, I would be so heart broken if this happen to me.

Im pretty sure she will be forever thankfull, for the fact that you gave her a loving home.