photo taken at night and the yellow cast is from the table lamp

My second custom in progress

Her name is Winter Raven

the vision of this doll came 
as I was inspired by a dark, but beautiful
French children's book 
She began as a Simply Mango Blythe
which is an RBL face mold

The 2 photos above show her after
carving and sanding was completed.

I bobbed her nose a bit more
than my first girl
but the nostril carving is
pretty similar to Snow's 

The mouth is also
different than Snow's.

next come a layer of artists chalks
and a protective layer of MCS spray

This photo was taken with OTT lamp lighting and truer in color

I have no idea at this point, how many layers will be involved
I stopped counting
when I did my first custom, Snow.
Simply Mango has orange yellow hair
which would clearly not work for my vision
so I sent the scalp to a Blythe/Flickr friend
Deb Howell
also known as La Dee Dolly on Flickr
She does amazingly beautiful re-roots
I told her a bit about Winter Raven
what I felt she needed
which was long dark, dark hair.
We agreed she should have raven colored
alpaca, and so the process of re-rooting began.
raven colored alpaca re-root by Deb Howell
 When I got the scalp back, I was over-the-moon thrilled
I asked for a side part 
and she even put the braids in for me.
Alpaca is extremely soft
and a bit difficult to keep tame while I work on her face
her hair stays in a protective net

After a few more layers of chalk
and two carefully placed beauty marks
she is almost....almost


Cinderella Moments said...

Oh my gosh! She is already looking gorgeous. The beauty marks are genius. I love the inspiration picture. What a great project!

bathroom designs said...

I loved this blog post, You are very talented & This website is really worth to be checking
Thank You

Rella said...

Thank you Caroline and guest from bathroom designs.....I appreciate your visit and notes. xo

Sherry said...

My gosh, your doll will be just beautiful. I just love the big eyes - she looks sweet. Nice work.


Creative Wings Boutique said...

OH how I luv that doll.....missing you at MAMA Rella.....I hope you are well and life is good....hugs

Rella said...

Thank you, Sherry. It's nice to have you visit and I hope you are doing well. xo Rella

Rella said...

Hi Tabitha! Oh sweetie, I miss you all at MAMA as well!! I know Terri is doing a wonderful job in my place and new members have's all good!! Thank you for your visit and your comment on my latest custom.
xo Rella

debi huntsman said...

Oh my gosh Rella, she's stunning! Can't wait to see her.

We sure do miss you, but it looks like you are keeping busy and having fun with your beautiful girls. I hope all is going well with you. Hugs, Debi

Tabitha Sullivan said...

I was curious as to what children's book that is?

Rella said...

Tabitha, this is a French version of Snow White called Blanche Neige. Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm illustrated by Benjamin Lacombe. Xo Rella