Gray Brain Worm, My custom Chocolate Gold, two pair of Ana Karina's

Now for the eyes

I found it hard to choose the eyechips for this girl
it seemed like an important decision
the eyes can really make or break a doll
in my opinion, anyhow.

So, after MUCH deliberation
I went with these four pair.

I chose the gray Brain Work chips 
because I really like how they look in the dolls.

I have seen them many times
and always seem to favor them.

I am only putting in one pair of my own custom eye chips
the Chocolate & Gold chips
I love dark eyes with dark hair
and two pair of Ana Karina's

The blues are ones I used in Snow..
and I felt they are just so wonderful
and should be in each of my girls.

the second: gray mist,
captured my attention
and feel right for Winter Raven.

They are now adhered to the eye mechanism

and I have tried them with the lids
in the faceplate on a trial run
so to speak.

and they are perfect to me.


I just need to finish her. 

.........and just to tease a little...

I will give you a tiny peak 

at her dress.

it is delicious to hold.

gorgeous, cream Dupioni silk.



Terri said...

Oh my Rella! I love seeing what you are doing with your dolls. And I love seeing you enjoy yourself!
I think you are doing a fantastic job creating them. They are such dears!

Rhondamum said...

Beautiful dress and I wish I had your talent. I am still attempting to make my girl into Marie. I hope you are doing well. I really miss you! Hope to catch up soon. I'm still busy as ever and have my challenging days, but am so blessed. Thinking of you! xoxo Rhonda...