My first custom Blythe

It took weeks as I am pretty slow 
with the process

but I am happy with the results.

Her hair was changed

all four eye chips where changed

she has sleep eyes

new white eyelashes

and new make up.

She is a dream to photograph

and as I work on my second custom
I can only hope I love her as much
as I do this girl - Snow


Terri said...

Oh Rella, Snow is so delightfully wonderful! Her wispy hair underneath that gorgeous knit hat! Her beautiful eyes, and eyelashes, and her lovely coloring, all make her so adorable. You must be so proud of your work!

Betzie said...

Oh Rella...she is just gorgeous!!! I love her sweet innocent look and the hair color is sooo pretty. Great work!!!! I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to try that but enjoy seeing what others do with them.
Can't wait to see your second one!

Rella said...

Thank you, Terri.....I just feel happy when I look at her, truthfully, she has such sweet innocence. xo

Rella said...

Gosh, would be surprised how brave you can be when you are just determined. ...or, you keep your eyes open for a custom that is put up for adoption. xo

debi huntsman said...

Rella, your little Snow is beautiful! What a dreamy face she has, and she does very well in front of the camera. Awesome job!
Miss ya! Hugs, Debi

Cinderella Moments said...

Stunning beauty. You have the touch with these. Everything about her is magnificent right down to those rosettes on the boots. Love her!

Julie Marie said...

They are so beautiful Rella... I just found your blog and signed on to follow... just lovely!... xoxo Julie Marie