terrible lighting....annoying camera

My progress
(or lack there of)

So, above is the recent shot of the face plate

for Daria's customization

Aside from the terrible lighting
and annoying camera
(I am sooooo over this Olympus FE 310
and have put on my Christmas wish list
Canon EOS 7D
a girl can dream, right?
So there it is..out there into the universe
a huge wish)


O.K. back to the face plate

What you cannot tell from the shot

is that there are several layers already

of chalk, and MSC
better known as
Mr. Super Clear

I know...

It's hard to see much difference
from that 
to this one below
that I shot right after the carving & sanding

and you were not here
to witness the application of paint
to the lips..
the wiping off..
the reapplication of paints..
the wiping off!!!!

then the decision..
to use mainly chalk
and highlight with a bit of paint
Of course, the chalk color I need
hmmmmmmm, I did not originally order..

there really IS a difference...

But I cannot go any further
until arrival of said NEW chalk

So we wait.

I don't intend to use a heavy hand
with this girl.

It will be light and as natural 
as I can get it.

and then
her eye chips will be changed.

Ohhhhhhh, I have some luscious eye chips
yes I do.

and she will have wispy eyelashes

then the decision comes about hair.

She may receive her same wig back

you know, the one I cut and styled
a nano second after she arrived
here back in 2007.

She looks fab with dark hair.


she may get the dusty pink mohair wig
that I first hoped to use
 Isn't it delicious???

Christine Kennison created it
(known as Unicornmine on Flickr) 

with a great process she calls
Skinny Scalps

and you can find here HERE

I won't really know which hair to use
until Daria's make-up
is completed 
and her eyes are in.

All in all, I can say the process is interesting

and rather exciting

My very first Blythe Custom

possibly my last.


Cinderella Moments said...

What a process! I didn't know you could use chalk on the dolls. Sounds interesting. She's going to look so cute!

Suz said...

You are so talented. I am amazed!

Creative Wings said...

oh i cant wait to see her all done and fuffed up.

Anonymous said...

Aww, thanks so much for the mention!! lol... I can say with complete honesty, that every blythe custom I've ever done, has possibly been my last... But yet, I keep on, keeping on! haha...
I love her dimples! <3 Christine