The Dollie Den is pretty full

I don't remember when it started
The infatuation 

It no doubt began  on THIS Christmas
I was four
In my arms is my new doll Suzie 

and pink teddy

I remember that doll and her name 

just as I remember the doll a few years later

that was as big as a newborn

and  I named her Denise.

I can't remember the name of someone

introduced to me yesterday

but I remember my dolls names!

My brother two years younger..looks like he is about to
do something evil..

but I suspect he is going after one of his toys
directly behind me

since he was NOT that evil kind of brother

but I have once again wandered off
down memory lane
as IF I need to find rhyme or reason

for my love of dolls and toys

A few years ago my first ball jointed doll was an Obitsu

that I had to paint the face and make the wig for


her articulation is amazing

I got her from Junkyspot in California
 In her arms is another little pet of mine....


Who could forget that face.........and the crown she has to have?!!

Next came the Blythes

Ohhhhhhhhh, I tried hard to resist them
Yes I did.

For a few years, in fact...

I was successful.

Then, I was hit upside the head one day
and suddenly there were two new members of the clan

Lexi (AKA: Pleasant Peasant) 
and Daria (AKA: Kozy Kape)
who arrived with long hair, but quickly had a new 'do'
more 'Che- Che'
a bit of an asymmetrical bob

then the clothes and shoes and accessories followed

and they were posed and photographed

and little stories ensued.

Such fun

Not long after 

a little sister came along

a minx of a bjd, named Macy 
(AKA: Dal-Tezca)

                        another fabulously articulated doll
that loved to pose and perform for the camera

But one of my most favorite of all is  
a Bobobie Sprite
also from Junkyspot

named Ariella

Who arrived with a decent face-up 
(what they call special doll make-up)

but got a gorgeous re-do 
from Michele Hardy of Michele Hardy Dolls

.........and her alter ego and muse - Addy

And in a year or so she became very limp 
(which often happens to these Bobobie dolls) 
and even lost an eyelash

although I still don't know how that happened

but I suspect Brat Cat was involved

So I called upon Michele again
to restring her and give her new eyelashes

And she was a darling and took the job on 
right after the holidays

and now she is back home

even more beautiful than ever

Isn't she exquisite???

I so hope to create a beautiful dress for her soon

and let her pose for the ever present camera.

But the reason for this looooooong dolly post????

I am starting to thin out my toy collection

Yes, it's time. 

And I am starting with my Dal - Macy

Some gals start the year with a de-stash of art supplies 

which I could do easily

But I am starting with a de-stash 
of dollies and toys

In a few days I will post photos of her, 

her original box and clothing

and the extra clothing and toys she has accumulated

and I will put her up for adoption.

you can see her in her original costume here

or just Google her 

and find out about her and other Dal dolls.

if you know of someone looking for one of these cuties
let them know.

I sure would like her to find a good home.


debi said...

Wow! You have quite the collection of little beauties! Fun post!

Claudia said...

Rella, I am the same way about dolls. I loved, loved my dolls as a child and still can't resist them. I have been intrigued by the Blythe dolls. I don't have one yet, am not even sure where to get one, but I have a sneaking feeling one will be in my home someday.

Love your little lamb. I'm so partial to them.


Denise said...

All of the dolls were gorgeous,I'm glade your sweet childhood doll was named after me.HeHe I have a passion for dolls too,Esp.the ones that look like any of my 4 daughters.Then if they have my daughters name on top of that-Thier Mine.

Rella said...

Claudia....dolls....sigh. One of my most favorite gifts from my Mother, as an adult of 30 something, was a handmade cloth doll that was almost the size of a year old child!! As for Blythes...they are not all equal, that is for sure. Some are just sweeter or prettier than others for some reason. So when that day comes and you need information and direction....give me a shout and I will share all I have learned and where to look for them. You may end up adopting one from someone who has even done special make up and clothes.
xox Rella

Creative Wings Boutique said...

oh those dolls are precious rella,
the lamb has given me a fab idea for easter

Terri said...

Rella, dolls are just one of the most fabulous toys! I remember driving all over town when I was about 6 (lol...I wasn't driving, my dad was!) looking for a new doll for my birthday. I remember so clearly that I had a certain style baby doll in mind... I was desperate for her. Sadly, I can not remember what happened or if I ever did find a doll.
Fast forward to about 10 years ago, I found terrible shape, but it was HER! I still have her and some day she will go to a doll hospital and get repaired.

Your dolls are lovely. I especially love your fairy doll. Her pink hair is just divine! I love her elf ears and her eyes.

I have a doll similar, but she does not yet have makeup or eyelashes! She looks quite odd.

Thank you for sharing about your dolls.

One Crabapple said...

ooo I LOVE HER !

Thats so funny how you remember names of past dolls and not people and that you picked DENISE that way...I wonder why you picked Denise.

Who named Denise made such an impression that you wanted to crown your dolly with that name ? hmmm....

oh YES I LOVE THAT LAMB and do remember her sweetness quite well !


so when you destash more toys I call DIBBS

(as if you would get rid of lamby, I know....)


One Crabapple said...

ps. You have a beautiful collection and Daria and her "che che" bob really make me want a BLYTHE ! eee, no no no ... N O.


Terri Gordon said...

Hi Rella, I love the pictures of you little, how sweet, look at how perfect that tinsel is, wow. I love all the dolls that you have, they are beautiful. I also love dolls, I have Antique German dolls, I love making the cloths for them. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Terri

~*~Patty S said...

what a delightful post Rella...with such a precious cast of players ;)

your lambie is too sweet!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Rella: I have never met anyone who collects dolls and gives them a make over. Wow! You are amazing. Blessings, Martha