a little give away 
What is it about night time 
and twinkle lights?

Well, it's magical!

The most magical night here 

at Faerieluna 

aside from Christmas Eve

is Friday night.

ohhhhhhhh, how I love Friday night.

The work week is over 

and the anticipation

of two blissful days sequestered here

is like sprinkled faerie-dust.

The mantle has been cleared of Christmas

but the twinkle lights remain....

the little Patience Brewster faerie remains..

but the rest has taken on a white on white 

with bits of green 

and at night

the little lights cast a soft glow 

throughout the living area.

If I have to come through in the middle of the night

the sweetness of it brings me joy

When I am before the sun is up 

to start the day..

the sweetness of it brings me joy.

Yes, the joy factor

and the precious statement 

given to me by a sweet friend

continually play in my head

special words that I gathered for 2011

and beyond...

LeT jOy bE yOuR cOmPaSs

So I continue to surround myself 

with little items..

tiny moment of sweetness..

thoughts of my precious children now grown..

and memories made with them..and more to come

memories of childhood..

of running in the woods..

and swimming in the tiny river..

and playing hide & seek 

with all the neighborhood children

after dinner and as darkness fell 

and lightening bugs flickered about

Then..........and now

sweet moments of joy

my compass

What brings YOU moments of joy?

Leave me a comment about your 
special joy or joys

and next Friday night

when the magic time arrives

I will draw a name

to win a little gift

which I am creating this weekend
(a little sneak peak)

Please leave me your e-mail addy

so I can contact the winner 

of a bit of joy from Faerieluna


Denise said...

Your post touched my heart.I find pure joy when I look deep into each of my grandchildrens eyes and Gaze at their face.I think I am most fullfilled when I am with them.I am more myself too when I'm with them.Thank you.

Creative Wings Boutique said...

hello sweet rella
my moments of joy are when my three children grab me and smoother me in kisses. I just love it. I never thought something so simple as a kiss would bring me so much joy

debi said...

Oh, Rella, what a beautiful post! Your mantle looks so pretty and magical. Now I want to put up some twinkle lights.

Your post is bringing me joy. And beautiful blog friends like you bring me joy. Then of course, there's my family, creating, chocolate, shopping....oh my! There's joy to be found everywhere!

HUGS to you my sweet friend, Debi

Holly Moore said...

Oh Rella, your sweet post just made me feel all cozy. I love that! Joy factor. Wow. :) Well, I totally take pleasure in tiny coincidences. It's like a reassurance kind of feeling. Like I am supposed to be in this moment.
Hugs! Hope you had just the best weekend. Princess H

Moriah said...

Goodness... so many things bring me joy but I have to say my very favorite is that one little fleeting moment when you see and recognize true bliss in the eyes of your child.

Cindy Lew's Studio said...

How beautiful and I love the music, fits perfect:-) I have no children, but the love of kitties is more than I can ask for, they come running down the hall when I get home from work to meet me, they follow me around; they are the world to me. Thank you for the post. Warm Regards, CindyLew

Rhondamum said...

I have fairy lights going around my studio! I love to turn all of the other lights off and just relax with those lights on, especially in the summertime with the windows open. The girls like me to turn them on with the stereo so they can be in their own private dance club, lol.

I can think of a few things that bring me joy. Of course the little giggles my girls give me and the things they say bring literal joy to my soul. I get little flutters in my heart at times, my love is just so strong for them . The first thing that came to my mind, however, was the joy that came my way when my IV needle went right in before my surgery. I literally had tears in my eyes. And I KNOW it happened that way because God heard all of the prayers my friends and family were sending His way. And then, I felt great joy again when I kept getting all of those wonderful tags in the mail from everyone. I just felt so loved and cared for and it made me realize even more, the wonderful TRUE friends I have in this blogging world, including you my dear Queen, lol.

Rhonda 7 bee

Dawn Shotton said...

What lovely posts. My joy is when my daughter sends a litle text to say she loves me, and when my son says he's 'never' leaving home......hhhmmm
XXX Dawn

Awishdream said...

Dear Rella~ Your post so sweet and touching...what gives me Joy? many things!... feeling joy from a hug,friends and family who care, but most of all Gods love and support in my life and the Joy he has given me for doing what I love!... Creating Art!

Hugs my friend! :)

Fiona Whitehead said...

What a wonderful post and wonderful blog - I've just found you - my darling daughter coming home unexpectedly from University gave me joy this weekend - next time I see her she will have had her birthday and will no longer be a teenager but a young lady of 20. She, her brother and my darling husband bring me joy every day.x

Joanne Huffman said...

I love fairy lights - how nice that you keep them up to enjoy past Christmas. Simple things that bring me enjoyment include fireflies, Hershey's kisses, and when the dog nuzzles in for luvies.

Marianne C. said...

Rella, written a beautiful post, and so sweetly expressed. I was imagining everything you were describing (get up in the middle of the night, memories of children, etc.) Your mantle looks lovely.

The most recent moment which awakened joy in me was last Friday evening when my now 21 year old son came home for a brief moment before rushing out again. I took to opportunity to tell him about the children's book series I'm working on, and began describing the adventure of Penelope Pumperschnook. He was laughing; genuinely and visually delighted even though it was a children's story. When his face lit up, I could see that spark of child-like joy that he had so many years ago. Watching his face brought back memories, and warmed my heart to be able to share this with him.

I believe that the reason children (no matter what age) can jolt the 'joy compass', is because the love which connects them to us is from the Source which created everything - which created Love. And being connected with that Divine Source is where real joy exists.

Thank you, once again, for your reminder of joy.


Terri said...

You Sweetie!
Your post is lovely. Sharing the joy is so potent!
I love your mantle and the thought of you passing through in the night and viewing it's magic!
What brings me joy (Oh there are so many things!) is viewing the clear blue sky.....aaaaahhhhhhh I get such a sense of well being!
Hugs to you,

Julie Ann said...

Hi Rella :) Lol- unlike you, I have not been able to take down my Christmas mantle! I think I like my little white feather tree too much :)

My most recent feelings of joy were finding out I would graduate with my Masters (today, actually!) after all the hard work I've put into school the past 25 years. I think I thought I would not be able to succeed at some points and once I did, I just couldn't believe that the day finally came! And it was kind of ironic because the first thing that happened was me bursting into tears- lol.

May all your days be filled with joys of every kind!

Val said...

Thank you, Rella.
What a lovely post and one I will think of all day. The compass for my joy will be tested today with a blizzard to be shoveled! BUT, we'll be together, my little family and my neighbors! Joy will come in a cup of cocoa and stories about who actually had the biggest drift! Thank you for the chance to win your lovely heart!

Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Rella~ Love your post on twinkling lights, joy, lightning bugs....oh and Friday nights. Movie nights with my husband and our kitties bring me so much joy! Especially during the winter with warm blankets, pizza, hot chocolate... Our twinkling lights are still in the big tree outside our bedroom window. They will probably stay there all year.*smile* ~Mandy PS~ Your sneak peek looks so pretty.

Dorthe said...

Your little heart is gorgeus,Love it- and your blog.
And apart from my grandchild Mathilde, whom brings me the biggest joy, :))
this community of bloggers, the beauty, the friendship and love- the the never ending wonderfull creations- all over- brings me so much joy, that I ´never thought possibly. I don`t want to miss a single day, on the net-visiting all you fabolous friends, and artists. This have really given me so much in my life. Thankyou.

La Dolce Vita said...

my fur babies bring me great joy! and they send smoochlets and wet licks to spike! xox

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Rella, It has been a busy week, I am sorry that I have not visited, but I love your post, there is just something so special about twinkle lights, that's probably why I left my Christmas tree up so long, I love sitting in the evening, when all is quiet and feeling calm and cozy, it is just a wonderful way to end the day. Your mantle is just beautiful. I love the beautiful heart that you made, OMG, it is so beautiful. Have a wonderful relaxing and creative weekend. Hugs, Terri

Terri Gordon said...

Oh Rella, Your heart is so beautiful, I can tell that you put so much love into it. I can't wait to see your heart for the contest. There is something so sweet about hearts. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart,
www.RhondasOriginals.biz here. Wow, the joy responses were very moving. They really made me appreciate what I have NOW! I am sure you noticed that most of the responses were referring to human beings...not money, not...ok...so there is always chocolate as a close second...but... human beings came first.
PS: Thank you for supporting the anti-GMO movement. To fight the current legislation US against safe food, please sign up at healthfreedomusa.com They will send eletters that you can easily submit to your legislators! Hugs, Rhonda !

Ragamuffin Gal said...

What great advice from your friend!
My joyful moments are when I am doing something that is filling the need for someone else, whether is creating, teaching, hugging, smiling,
I enjoyed reading your moments of joy! Thanks for sharing! <3 Katie